Our Team


Sonia Walker, LMT

After receiving her diploma in Massage Therapy from the Anthem Institute of North Brunswick, Sonia acquired her license to practice massage and bodywork in the state of New Jersey and have been practicing since 2009. As an experienced Patient Care Technician and Emergency Medical Technician, the field of massage therapy attracted her with its documented medical benefits for patients with diagnosed nerve, musculoskeletal or physiological conditions and its ability to provide comfort and relief to those ailing of the body, mind or spirit. Sonia trained and worked under a Nurse Practitioner for a pain management practice. In the skilled nursing facilities/rehab centers they treated pre and postoperative patients recovering from procedures, reducing anxiety and depression in patients coping with Dementia and Alzheimer, and those suffering with general aches and pain. Sonia’s experience fueled her love of massage therapy and proved the benefits it adds to a person quality of life while giving competent, and compassionate care to those in need.

Available services are customized to the patient’s needs including using variety of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, range of motion, vibration therapy, hot stone and foot reflexology and sound therapy (Tuning Fork Therapy) among others. It is encouraged that interested persons ask their therapist questions or concern as she will be happy to explain benefits of each method to help assist you.

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Deborah Gilbert-Rogers, MA; LMT; CHMLDT

Deborah is a New Jersey Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Certified Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, and Reiki Master-Teacher with more than 15 years in the alternative wellness community. She specializes in holistic wellness services for individuals with special needs, medical needs, and the general populace. She graduated from Georgian Court University with a Masters in Holistic Studies (Integrative Health).
Deborah has developed alternative/complementary wellness plans for individuals experiencing pre- and post-operation, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, chronic and acute inflammation, lipedema, concussion, depression, anxiety, burnout, stress, digestive disorders, fertility issues, pre- and peri-natal, postpartum, geriatric, and aging challenges, oncology and mastectomy, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, neurological disorders, behavioral challenges, intellectual and physical disabilities, among others.
She combines a variety of scientifically proven and research-based therapies to address the unique needs of each of her clients. These include, but are not limited to, medical/therapeutic massage, myofascial unwinding, manual lymphatic drainage, scar-tissue work, abdominal massage, neuromuscular techniques, energy and sound body therapy, aromatherapy, movement- and stretching-based therapies, reflexology, meditation, and more.

Some Modalities:
• Customized Medical/Therapeutic Massage
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Myofascial Unwinding (full body, minimum 2 hours)
• Oncology and Mastectomy Massage
• Movement and Stretching
• Sound Body Healing
• Chakra Balancing
• Aromatherapy
• Reflexology
• Energy Therapy and Reiki
• Peri- and post-natal
• Infant and Child
• Sacred Childbirth with Reiki (90 minute consult required)


Alens Desrosiers, CMLDMT

Hi, my name is Alens, and I've been a massage therapist for 8 years. I just recently became a CMLDMT( Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist). I got into the massage field because I take pride in helping my clients feel some relief from their injuries, pain, tension, and painful nagging muscle knots. I enjoy knowing that I provide peace and joy in my clients' lives.

My specialties are Sports, Medical, Swedish, Trigger point, Stretching, and Manual Lymphatic drainage massage. I look forward to being your therapist.